While there are always numerous reasons to be impressed and even a little smitten with any of Lincoln’s luxurious models, we have to admit that we are especially fond of the new 2020 Lincoln Corsair. That’s because the brand best known for American quality and elegance has gone out of its way to create something special here.

750 × 446?

So the local automotive professionals here at Bright Bay Lincoln decided that we need to go ahead and start getting the word out now so we can try to avoid the rush that is going to come once people start learning about it from their friends and families. Here are 8 specific details about this SUV that will pull you right in:

No More Clunky Model Names
Gone are the days of multi-letter models that don’t spell or mean anything.

Calm Waters Ahead
In keeping with its pirate ship-inspired moniker, we can certainly say the waters (or more literally, the roads) will be smooth sailing.

User-Friendly Infotainment
There won’t be any complaints about a lack of connectivity or entertainment on your trips.

Quiet Cabin
Designed to keep road noise to a minimum, the only thing you will be hearing is what’s playing on the radio.

Impressive Safety Features
?We can’t even begin to describe the advanced safety tech on the new 2020 Corsair.

Classy Interior
As if we expected anything else from a Lincoln.

No Compromise on Comfort
Roomy and ample space allows passengers on every row to ride in relaxation.

Power and Performance
A choice between the standard 250hp engine and the optional 295hp upgrade means you won’t have to worry about its get-up-and-go.

To discover even more things to love about the new 2020 Corsair just head on over to 1174 Sunrise Highway in Bay Shore and visit your friends here at Bright Bay Lincoln. We are proud to serve all of our neighbor’s and customer’s automotive needs. You can also speak with us over the phone if you need any additional information by calling 844-880-8478.

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